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9" round

Matcha Cheesecake in Pecan Crust

Matcha Cheesecake in Pecan Crust

A multi-layered, multi-textured showstopper dessert.

A velvety, ice cream-like texture cheesecake with a blast of fresh matcha and toasted pecan crust. It’s light, soft and amazingly smooth. The matcha cheesecake is balanced by savory, nutty sweet pecan crust finished with torched sugar on top. It’s just enough brittle crunch without being too much.

It’s a matcha lover’s wildest dream.

Size Whole pie, 9" round
Allergens Contains dairy, eggs, nuts
Standard serving qty.
8-10 servings
Suggested serving Frozen
Storage Keep frozen. Leftover should be sealed and kept in an airtight container.
Shelf life Best before 1 month after delivery
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